Installation & Removal of Kitchen Equipment Nationwide 

We carry out the installation and commissioning of kitchen equipment in many of the most successfull pub and restaurant chains in the Country. All of these are completed to an exceptional standard. Our services are available at any hour of the day or night, as we fully appreciate the challenges and tight schedules of our industry. See below for details.

Complete Installation

All units will be transported from the delivery vechicle into your kitchen, ready for the following installation work to take place:


Installation, Commissioning and Testing of:

- All Gas (Natural Gas or LPG) and Electric Cooking Equipment

- All Dishwashers and Glass Washers

- Gas Float/Piping for Kitchen (If Required)

- Gas Interlock System (If Required)


Installation of Positioning of: 

- Tabling

- Shelving

- Pot Racks


Installation and Testing of:

- Heated Gantrys

- Hot Cupboards

- Refridgeration Units

- Mircrowaves

- Sinks

- Hand Basins

Individual Unit Installation

- Install and Commission one or multiple Natural Gas, LPG or Electric Equipment.


- You can choose to have the equipment delivered to our warehouse for installation flexability. We will then deliver, install and commission the unit/s on the day required.


- We can also remove and dispose of old equipment if required.


Rip Out, Removal and Storage of Kitchen Equipment

- We can remove all contents of your kitchen before refurbishment.


- For your peace of mind equipment can be safely stored in our warehouse ready for re-installation on the required date. Alternatively, we can dispose of old kitchen equipment for you.


- All water, gas and electrical points are isolated/capped off.


New Gas Pipe/Float Installation

- Our new gas pipe installation serivice includes running of new gas pipe from nearest or required gas point, into kitchen with solenoid valve and appropriate gas points for equipment.


- We can carry out updates of your existing gas float.


- In addition we offer installation of new gas interlock systems to meet current HSE standards.



Exhibition Installation

- We can deliver, position, install and commission all catering equipment for exhibitions.


- We offer a flexible  service, working nights and weekends where necessary,  to meet installation deadlines.


-Our service includes the efficient removal and packing of equipment at the end of the exhibition.




Email us or Call 01276 408874 for more information.

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