Annual Kitchen Gas Safety Certificate & Interlock Systems

It is recommeded by HSE standards that in all catering and hospitality establishments a Gas Safety inspection and necessary equipment repair should be carried out at least once every year as a minimum. It is also a requirement that any new installations or major refubishment of kitchens include a gas interlock system. Although it is not a legal requirement for existing kitchens to have a gas interlock system installed, it is highly recommended to provide a safe working environment for kitchen staff. In the event of a ventilation failure a gas interlock system will cut off the gas supply to prevent a build up of commbustion products in the kitchen.

 Annual Gas Safety Certificate

We able to issue certificates to:

- Natural Gas & LPG Commercial Kitchens

- LPG Trailers e.g. Burger Vans


A gas safety inspection includes:


- Checking over all gas equipment.

- Ensuring gas interlock system is working 

- Inspection of all pipework up to solenoid valve or main kitchen isolation.

- Let By and Tightness Test

- CO2/Ambient Air Test


- A certificate will be issued once inspection is complete


- An annual Gas Inspection can be carried out along side a full kitchen service.


- If you are unsure whether your site is currently up to the required standard, we can arrange for one of our Engineers to carry out a site survey before completing your inspection.


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Gas Safety Interlock Systems for Commercial Kitchens

We offer a range of gas interlock and proving systems, which can be installed in various ways to meet the requirements of your kitchen. If any aspects of your gas piping and safety system need updating, we can plan, supply and install all equipment including the pipework, solenoid valve and interlock system. Contact us now for a quote.

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